Strategic Plan

As we began our strategic planning process in December 2019, we affirmed our commitment to our mission statement and developed a vision statement for who we, as a parish, will be. With this mission affirmed and vision established, the core tenets of our vision statement became the pillars of our strategic planning process.

As you can see in the members listed, our Strategic Planning Committee brought together support from the many and diverse ministry councils and committees of our parish. Together, we evaluated our parish and our surrounding circumstances, including a survey of the entire parish community, the Disciple Maker Index, in which over 130 individuals participated. We also explored significant external factors that impact our parish. Through this analysis, we discerned four key areas to focus our planning efforts that would leverage our strengths, mitigate our weaknesses, optimize our opportunities, and neutralize our threats: evangelization, education, sacramental participation and financial stability.

After 16 months of hard work and reflection, we now present to the parish this great work of collaboration and teamwork. May this plan build upon the firm foundation that generations of parishioners have laid before us and guide us towards the fulfillment of our mission to know, love, serve and share Christ through worship, teaching, stewardship and witness.

Father Carlson

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