Altar & Rosary Society

Greetings St. John’s Community!

We have an ongoing need for regular cleaning of our beautiful church.

About three years ago, a new ministry was created at St. John’s, the “Altar and Rosary Society.” The mission is as follows:

“As parishioners of St. John the Baptist, we are dedicated to volunteering our time to both pray for our parish and offer our time to clean areas of the church, as a way of serving the Body of Christ and Christ Himself.”

We are in need of more parishioners who can dedicate approximately 3 hours per month to cleaning areas of the church, as well as praying for Fr. Carlson and the community of St. John the Baptist. Cleaning usually happens on Mondays or early Tuesday mornings so as not to interfere with Masses or other church events. A one-year commitment is asked for this ministry.

Our areas of need right now:
• Clean Kneelers (45 min per side): Every other week St. Joseph’s Side
• Altar Cleaning (45 min): Once a month
• Dust overhead beams (30 min): Once a month
• Sacristy Laundry (60 min): Once a month

This is a beautiful and rewarding ministry, which can be done at any time that works in your schedule, so long as it is not during Mass times, funerals, etc. Those who have been a part of this ministry have found it to be a very peaceful and fruitful time of prayer and service.

Training will be provided for volunteers, detailing where cleaning supplies are located, specific cleaning tools to be used for sanctuary only, and cleaning methods.

Thank you for considering this ministry. Everyone’s time is precious and schedules are full. Give some time to prayerfully consider if God is calling you to participate in this ministry.

If your schedule allows, please also join us on the first Monday of every month at 9:30am in the Sacred Heart Library to pray a rosary for our parish and any other special intentions for the month. We will also have a brief meeting to see how it’s going and rotate duties if needed.

Contact the parish office with questions and to get involved!

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